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Verification of Enrollment

A student must meet the following requirements to receive the Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form

  1. Students may request Verification of Enrollment by following any of these options, their ITs Learning (the link is located under the information headline), CCHS webpage, or scan the QR code located on VOE information posters throughout the campus.  

  2. ATTENTION: VOE's expire 30 days after the date issued during the school year, so please verify your appointment is scheduled within 30 days to ensure your VOE is valid.

To expedite your request:
1. Ensure student has met minimum attendance requirements for class credit (90%) and received credit for all course(s) taken in the previous semester. 
2. Ensure you have submitted a Proof of Residency for the current school year.
3. Ensure all fees/fines are paid.

 **Requests will be processed within 24-48 business hours and sent to the student's CCISD school email only. **  

 **VOE's will not be processed the same day requested **   

** Any VOE issued the last 5 days of the school year will expire the first day of the following school year. 

Texas Education Code 25.092 (excerpted), Minimum Attendance for Class Credit, states that a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered. The 90 percent attendance rule applies when determining VOE eligibility.

Request a Verification of Enrollment