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2023 Fall Semester Exam Schedule


Semester Exams (High School Credit Courses) are administered in all high school credit courses at the end of the fall and spring semester.

  1.  Semester exams must be representative of the work of the entire semester.
  2. Exams for courses in which students are required to take a STAAR EOC exam will count as a major grade during that nine-week grading period.
  3. Any exceptions to this policy for the administration of semester exams must be made at the department level with Principal approval. 

High School Exam Exemption Criteria

Course Exemption List


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

9th  -12th

Courses Eligible for Exemption

Courses not Eligible for Exemption

All Classes except courses in the Credit Recovery setting

  • Elective Courses
  • Semester Long Core Courses
  • Yearlong Core Courses
  • Courses in Credit Recovery


  • Core courses are defined as courses (including designated AP and CTE courses) that meet graduation requirements of the Foundation High School Program, as noted in the
    Educational Planning Guide (EPG).
  • Electives are defined as any/all CTE, VPA, Health/Physical education, innovative course/s, and other courses identified as an elective in the course description as outlined in the EPG.

Criteria/Guidelines for Exemption Qualification

  1. Unpaid fees/fines=exemption denied for ALL exams
  2. All Courses (Including AP): Grade 70 and above, no more than 4 absences for the semester. All absences count against exemption qualifications except for school related business (such as UIL, field trips, etc.). 5 tardies = 1 absence

  1. Discipline
  • ISS/OSS the semester of the exam = exemption denied for ALL exams
  • DAEP placement or continuation of prior placement = exemption denied for ALL exams for the Fall and Spring semester
  • Discipline referral in a class during the semester = exemp􀆟on denied for THAT class

Any student eligible for exemption may elect to take semester exams to improve his/her grade. With this choice, a student’s semester average may only be increased by the examination grade and may not be reduced by the examination grade.

Appeals regarding the loss of exemption eligibility must be submited in writing to the campus administrator for consideration for a waiver to these criteria, prior to semester exams. Decisions regarding waivers and exam exemptions may not be appealed beyond the campus principal.

Exemption eligibility only excuses a student from taking a semester exam. It does NOT excuse a student from class attendance.


April 18 -- English I

April 20 -- English II

April 25 -- US History

May 2 -- Biology

May 9 -- Algebra I


If your student does not have a district-issued device and will be using their personal device for STAAR testing, our technology office in the library would like for your student to bring in their device during lunches so that our techs can ensure laptops are ready for STAAR testing. Please have them see our techs between now and April 7th.