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New to Clear Creek

2024-2025 Clear Creek High School Enrollment Information

The information below is only for students that are new to or enrolling back into Clear Creek ISD after being withdrawn. 

If your student is currently at a CCISD school and coming into Clear Creek HS as a new 9th grader or a current CCHS student, please do not submit a new student enrollment application. You will need to wait until the Back-to-School Forms become available typically in late July/early August as your student is all ready active in CCISD. 

STEP 1: Enroll in CCISD

Visit to learn the step-by-step process to enroll your student into CCISD for the 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1 – New to CCISD Family. These instructions are for families that have never been in Clear Creek ISD at any point. 

Scenario 2 – Family with Existing CCISD Family Access. These instructions are for families that may currently have a family member in CCISD but are wanting to enroll a new member that has never been to or is returning to CCISD. 

STEP 2: Make an Enrollment Appointment

Make an enrollment appointment for the legal parent/guardian AND the student to attend. Please do not bring other family members/siblings. 

Click here for Enrollment Appointments

STEP 3: Bring Required Documents

Attend your enrollment appointment and make sure all require documents are ready. Please bring any school records to assist the Counselor in properly placing your student into courses for next school year. 

Contact Mrs. Gailey, CCHS Lead Counselor, at if you have any questions.