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Kandyce Gailey

Lead Counselor, Director of College Counseling

Ebony Barnett

Counselor, Aa - Cz

Julia Collins

Counselor, Da - He

Brittaney Norflis

Counselor, Hf - Mg

Traci Mills

Counselor, Sb - Zz

Adriana Flores

Student Support Counselor

Carissa Hernandez

Student Support Counselor

Valerie Kahlich

College and Career Specialist

Ronda Burt

Admin Assistant - High School Head Counselor

Stacey Adian


Jessika Finney

Counselor, Aa - Lz


Tommie Barnett

Registrar-High School

Annette Kuykendall

Registrar-High School

Communities in Schools Social Worker

CCHS Disclosures 2022-23 


Counseling Center Updates

23-24 Course Verification  Beginning the week of April 10, current 9-11 students and parents will have an opportunity to view-only courses entered in Skyward for the 23-24 school year. This will be the final opportunity for a student to request a course change. There will be an online form available for the student to make the request in Its Learning. All course change requests are due by Friday, April 28th.

Class of 2024 Counselor Individual Conferences       Current Juniors are in the process of having their individual conference with their assigned Counselor. This is a great opportunity to confirm courses for the 23-24 school year, discuss plans for after graduation, confirm credits earned thus far towards graduation, and anything else your Junior needs more information on.


2021-2022 Important Videos and Handouts